Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello from the scribe

Hello to all who were abscent on Monday, Sep.10,2007. Or hello to those who just wanted to read my blog.

So today was a pretty easy day. Today, we started the period of with Ms. Smith having to eat her pop tart. I guess it was yummy, since she HAD to eat it. Then we talked about our homework.

- Homework

  • comment on other people's essay not in Ms. Smith's class. You need to have 5 comments by Wed.. If you make the comments too long, it will cut you off , so make it short but constructive and make suggestions.

  • Your final college essay is due this Friday. Make sure it is clean cut and spankalicious. If you want to get a really good grade, Mrs. Smith loves anything with chocolate and peanut butter combined, keep that in mind.

Important Dates:

  • 9/15: Final college essay is due.

  • 9/17: The performances for modernizing scenes in Oedipus due.

  • 9/19: Learn about college scholarships; if you want to get ahead, look at the scholarships your college offers.

  • 9/22: The Oedipus test: in class essay, we will get the question we will be anwswering on Wed.

Now back to what we did. after we talked about the homework then the important dates, we then got a hand out about modernizing scenes in Oedipus. We then got into groups for about 5 mins., picked the scene we were doing and seeing when we could meet. Mrs. Smith wants these scenes proffesional, funny, and performed with excellence. You can either act it out in class or video tape it and show that to the class. if you are using any form of technology, it is your responsibillity to make sure it works before Monday. There are no excuses of why you can't go on Moday so BE PREPARED. If you weren't here today, you will need to pick up the packet and see what group you are in and any other things you will need to know. We will have time in class both Wed. and Fri. to work on it, so use yoru time wisely becuase you know that homecoming is this weekend.

Lastly, we began reading Oedipus. We started on page 48 and ended on page 62. We really didn't discuss that much about the book. Mrs. Smith did bring up the question, "Does Oedipus truelly see?" She said this because he really does not see what is right in front of him. That is a wrap on this blog, thank you and good night.

Mrs. Smith's joke:

Knock Knock?

Who's there?

An interupting cow.

An interupting cow who?


At least I think that is the joke you told Mrs. Smith.

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